Here today,
here tomorrow.

noun: suh-stey-nuh-bil-i-tee

The increasing adoption of LED technology in the lighting industry has brought about major changes in manufacturing and delivery of products to the market. In an environment of rapid product innovation industry consolidation and company closures, it is important to partner with forward looking sustainable companies like QSSI. Established in 1985, QSSI is a company with tenure and proven stability that sets us apart from other suppliers.

QSSI is a true manufacturer from raw materials and component parts, which allows us to be in total control of the product specifications and quality we produce. We offer warranty-worthy products with proper thermal management, balanced LED boards to match power supplies, environmentally sealed optics with tested performance, and full safety compliance testing.

USA assembly in five locations includes.

Our USA assembly in five different locations includes configuration to order, final product testing, required safety certifications, and provides BAA Compliant COTS finished goods. We have been in business since 1985, and we are committed to being here long term, providing current and future value to our customers by managing and investing in our manufacturing capabilities and human resources for long term success. In addition to controlling the manufacturing of our products, our U.S. facilities provide our customers with:

Full assembly and fixture customization to meet jobsite requirements

A large level of inventory in all five locations provides products quickly-no long lead times

Rapid-Ship Program:

98% Fill Rate

3-Day Lead Time

1 Piece Minimum Order Quantity